Charity work

We love singing, we love our events, and we love supporting charities!

The Chambelles support a variety of charities, and are delighted to have raised nearly 16 000 euros for them since starting in summer 2012!

The choir is currently committed to sponsoring a young girl at the Jhamtse Gatsal Orphanage in India. If you are interested in supporting the choir with this cause please contact us here.

Girls not Brides

Bond 2018- April 2018: Girls not Brides 375 euros.

Family Carols! – Dec 2017. Jhamtse Gatsal and Chamonix Eglise Réformée 1600 euros!


Tribute 2016 – 11/05/17. Salve International 881 euros.

Jhamtse Gatsal

Christmas Cabaret and Family Carols! – Dec 2016. Jhamtse Gatsal and Chamonix Eglise Réformée 1600 euros!

Fete de le Musique – 21/06/16. Jhamtse Gatsal 92.00 euros.

Shout for Peace! – 12/05/16. Jhamtse Gatsal and choir funds 775.16 euros.

NOW That’s what I call Christmas Chambelles! – 17/12/15, and Christmas Concert – 20/12/15. Jhamtse Gatsal and choir funds 1400 euros.


Chambelles Rock – 07/05/15. Nepal aid: 1500 euros Solidarite Kang Guru  and 1000 euros direct aid via Sian Pritchard-Jones


Chambelles Do Christmas – 19/12/14. Community Action Nepal (CAN), 320 euros.


Christmas Carols – 14/12/14. Restos du Coeur, 480 euros.


International Folk! – 24/04/14. AFGM, 1085 euros, and Manispaa Jamii Vikokotoni (MJV), 500 euros.


Christmas Concert-19/12/13   My Blue Heart,  350 euros and Chamonix Eglise Réformée Youth program, 300 euros

Donation Tf

Christmas Cabaret-14/12/13   The Tumaini Fund,  1000 euros


Chambelles Cabaret-12/09/13   Cancer Research,  970 euros


11/04/13- Musical Madness   Daughters of Cambodia, 950 euros


18/12/12- Carols by CandleLight   Unicef, 700 euros