Charity work

We love singing, we love our events, and we love supporting charities!

The Chambelles support a variety of charities, and are delighted to have raised nearly 13 500 euros for them since starting in summer 2012!

As of December 2015 the choir is delighted to announce they have committed to sponsoring two young girls at the Jhamtse Gatsal Orphanage in India for the next two years. If you are interested in supporting the choir with this cause please contact us here.

Girls not Brides

Bond 2018- April 2018: Girls not Brides TBC.

Family Carols! – Dec 2017. Jhamtse Gatsal and Chamonix Eglise Réformée 1600 euros!


Tribute 2016 – 11/05/17. Salve International 881 euros.

Jhamtse Gatsal

Christmas Cabaret and Family Carols! – Dec 2016. Jhamtse Gatsal and Chamonix Eglise Réformée 1600 euros!

Fete de le Musique – 21/06/16. Jhamtse Gatsal 92.00 euros.

Shout for Peace! – 12/05/16. Jhamtse Gatsal and choir funds 775.16 euros.

NOW That’s what I call Christmas Chambelles! – 17/12/15, and Christmas Concert – 20/12/15. Jhamtse Gatsal and choir funds 1400 euros.


Chambelles Rock – 07/05/15. Nepal aid: 1500 euros Solidarite Kang Guru  and 1000 euros direct aid via Sian Pritchard-Jones


Chambelles Do Christmas – 19/12/14. Community Action Nepal (CAN), 320 euros.


Christmas Carols – 14/12/14. Restos du Coeur, 480 euros.


International Folk! – 24/04/14. AFGM, 1085 euros, and Manispaa Jamii Vikokotoni (MJV), 500 euros.


Christmas Concert-19/12/13   My Blue Heart,  350 euros and Chamonix Eglise Réformée Youth program, 300 euros

Donation Tf

Christmas Cabaret-14/12/13   The Tumaini Fund,  1000 euros


Chambelles Cabaret-12/09/13   Cancer Research,  970 euros


11/04/13- Musical Madness   Daughters of Cambodia, 950 euros


18/12/12- Carols by CandleLight   Unicef, 700 euros